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Explosion Shock Wave and Blast Test Videos

The first three videos show the path of a shockwave that accompanies an explosion. They illustrate that an explosion can travel up the side of building, over the top and around it.

A common misconception is that it’s only necessary to apply safety and security film to the lower floors in a tall building. As you can see in these example videos, that is not the case. Therefore, it is advisable to protect the glazing more extensively than believed.

The next series of videos show the effect of an explosion on a series of windows. The first video in this series shows the effect of a controlled blast on a single toughened window. This is followed by the effect on double toughened glass.
The final three short videos illustrate the effect of an explosion on a window fitted with film. In the sixth video, the window has been fitted with a normal film, for example, a solar control film. The final two videos show the effect of fitting safety and security film to the glass.

The 3M Ultra film used has a unique construction with up to 42 layers in a 150 micron thick construction allowing lots of stretch and flexibility to absorb the pressure of the glass being pushed into it for those few milliseconds. In the final video, the use of the 3M Impact Protection Profile enhance the performance of the window even further by bonding the filmed glass to the frame making it even more difficult for the glass fragments, or the window as whole, from flying into the room.

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