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3M Solar Control & Privacy Window Film

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3M Automotive Window Films offer all of the benefits you would expect from the company that originally invented window film in 1966! Available in a variety of shades to compliment or enhance the appearance of your vehicle, we provide an effective range of products.

The superior 3M Crystalline Series, utilising patented nano-technology, are designed to give minimal appearance change, whilst providing the maximum heat rejection rate. For those who want high heat rejection with a slightly more visual impact, 3M Ceramic Series provide the answer. Advanced nano-ceramics offer a high level of heat rejection with a cool appearance to the windows. 3M Colour Stable Series provide cost effective long lasting films, available with lower visible light transmission options, when privacy for the occupants is important.

All 3M Window films are non-metallic meaning no interference with Radio, GPS or Mobile signals.
By clicking on the '3M Window Film Simulator' button you can see how our 3M Automotive Window Films look once installed.