About Us

Our focus...

Protection.qa, is a Qatari owned business, managed by a professional team from the United Kingdom.

We specialise in protecting and maintaining valuable assets by focusing on four sectors:

Our history...

Established in 2006 we have been carefully evaluating and selecting products from the world's leading manufacturers.

As an Authorised Distributor for 3M, a $27 billion annual turnover global business, we stock a wide range of 3M products suitable for Qatar’s challenging Gulf climate.

Additionally, we exclusively distribute VentureTape® and ClearPlex® product lines.

Asset protection...

Our Automotive and Marine Divisions provide the complete solution to protecting vulnerable surfaces from the damage caused by Qatar's harsh environmental conditions.

To safeguard your investment we offer a complete range of solar control, paint protection and windscreen films together with interior, underbody and cargo area surface protectants.

To assist in maintaining your investment in showroom condition, we also offer an extensive range of professional grade aftercare products.

Building Qatar...

Our Industrial Division specialises in insulation cladding and jacketing applications for the construction and oil and gas sectors.

Our Commercial Division focuses on providing a complete glazing solution for solar control, safety or a combination of both.

Using the world's most trusted brands, combined with our skilled workforce and UK Management Team, we are the preferred partner of choice.
To the outside world, what we do looks a little like magic. We create entirely new product categories and breathe new life into markets crying for reinvention. It’s been called 'the 3M effect.' Harnessing innovation for your benefit–that’s the practical magic behind 3M’s success.
George W. Buckley, Ex-Chairman, President and CEO, 3M
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