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3M Scotchgard Interior & Exterior Protectant

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To protect the vulnerable surfaces of your interior from spills and stains, 3M Scotchgard Interior Protectants are designed to safeguard all Carpets, Fabric, Vinyl and Leather.

By applying this patented invisible protectant, any spills are easily removed, providing they are treated immediately, without leaving any stains!

Protect your seats, dash and trim parts and even your carpets to ensure you keep your vehicle looking as good as new.

For additional protection we provide clear plastic Rug Wrap protection for all over-carpets and mats, if required!

3M Scotchgard exterior paint sealant provides an invisible barrier to your paintwork, protecting it from stains caused by environmental elements, bird lime, tree sap etc, making cleaning even easier!
  • Helps keep auto interiors looking like new
  • Repels oil and water
  • Protects against soiling
  • Powerful barrier causes liquids to bead up on the fabric surface for easy cleanup
  • Stains release with a gentle wash
  • Won't change the look or feel of fabrics