Marine Solutions

Stacks Image 797 and 3M's Marine Division team up to offer the marine community in Qatar a very special customised aftercare service.

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Following our recent appointment as official distributor for 3M Marine products for Qatar, we have selected some of the more popular items, which have already addressed the immediate requirements of our existing marine customers, to offer a variety of services relevant to the local market.

Our Professional Services include:

• 3M Solar Control Window Film - to reduce cabin temperatures / glare etc.
• 3M VentureShield Protection Film - to protect vulnerable surfaces from damage
• 3M Scotchgard Interior Protectants - to protect interior and exterior fabrics and furnishings from staining
• Carpet Protection Film - to protect interior carpets, especially during refit – works etc.

Plus we carry a wide range of Marine specific restorers, cleaners, polishes etc. from the huge 3M Marine product catalog……

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